We design and produce on-board systems and equipment for civil and military aircraft, fixed and rotary wing. Our products are developed according to customer specifications and in close collaboration with airframer, engine and main systems OEMs at a global level. Since 1923 our fuel products have been installed on all Italian aircraft programs and on the principal multinational European programs after the Second World War. More recently, our products have been selected also by important North American, Middle East, Asian and Australian customers. Fuel systems continue to be Secondo Mona’s core business.

Fuel systems

Fuel Systems

In the last 25 years, Secondo Mona has made and consolidated the step from equipment supplier to system partner of the airframers, with the design and development of fuel systems for trainers and fighters, business jets and commuters, helicopters and UAVs.

Electromechanical actuators

Electromechanical and Hydraulic Actuators

In the last 30 years, Secondo Mona has designed, developed and manufactured to customers specifications electromechanical actuators, both linear and rotary, as well as hydraulic equipment for …

Landing gear equipment

Landing Gear Equipment

In the last 15 years, as a result of the extensive experience reached in the aerospace field and with the support of significant investment in manufacturing technology and new capacity, Secondo Mona has opened a new product line for supplies of…

Engine equipment

Engine Equipment

Secondo Mona produces single components or more complex units for the management and control of fuel for world leading producers of aero engines; significant design workshare activities have been performed for some of the most complex units.

High precision make-to-print

High Precision
Make to Print

Additional production capacity can be offered to customers for high precision make-to-print work of components or subassemblies, thanks to a wide range of state-of-the-art multi-pallet machining centers, fully equipped laboratories and NADCAP certified special processes for surface and heat treatment.