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120 Years of History and Aerospace Technology

After over a century of family business and likewise productions for the aerospace industry for the most diverse programmes we look at the future with the same enthusiasm of the first pioneers…

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We design and produce on-board systems and equipment for civil and military aircraft, fixed and rotary wing. Our products are developed according to customer specifications and in close collaboration with airframer, engine and main systems OEMs at a global level. Fuel systems continue to be Secondo Mona’s core business.


We have remained a vertically integrated company with the necessary internal know-how and assets to develop and manufacture all our products as a guarantee of a full control of the process and the necessary flexibility required in a business where production is based on customer order and for small batches.


We supply the aerospace industry worldwide with a wide range of products and services for on-board applications on any type of aircraft, from large commercial aircraft to regional and business jets on the civil side to trainers, fighters and transport on the military side, to helicopters for the most various uses, to aerospace engines and up to the latest developments for UAVs and tiltrotors.


An integral part of our company

The passion for flight and aerospace in general forms an integral part of our company. Everyone working here can breathe and live it. It can be perceived scrolling our history.