An integral part of our company

Secondo Mona is deeply committed to the world of aviation and preserving its rich history.

Building a future of innovation and excellence in Aerospace

The passion for flight and aerospace in general forms an integral part of our company. Everyone working here can breathe and live it. It can be perceived scrolling our history. Hence, we have kept through the time important evidences that are preserved in our historical archive and many of them can be seen by appointment by private people or small groups in our small factory museum that houses more than 500 pieces and tells the story and the evolution of Secondo Mona’s production, which over the years has gone from bicycles and motorbikes to aeroplanes, but also through the production of machinery for shoe heels, cork stoppers, printing machines, mechanical elements for the first computers, and everything that the entrepreneur’s ingenuity and ability to adapt to the market and the circumstances of the time, allowed.

Over 100 Years of History
and aerospace technology

Other evidences of our productions are visible to the public in the principal Italian aerospace museums like Volandia – Park and Museum of Flight in Somma Lombardo – Milan Malpensa Airport, the Historical Museum of the Italian Air Force in Vigna di Valle – Bracciano Lake (Rome) and the Aeronautical Museum “Gianni Caproni” in Trento.

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