Secondo Mona: a leading global supplier of aircraft fuel systems and
equipment for on-board applications

Secondo Mona is still located on the same site acquired by the founder in 1918 in Somma Lombardo on an area of 28,000 square metres. Along its 120 years of history, the company evolved into a leading player in the global aerospace industry with a strong focus on fuel systems and equipment for aircraft and helicopter, thus maintaining solid routes in its territory of origin and employing today around 325 people. The company is still owned and run by the founding family with the support of a proven management team.

Building a future of innovation and excellence in Aerospace

After over a century of family business and likewise productions for the aerospace industry for the most diverse programmes we look at the future with the same enthusiasm of the first pioneers and the will to consolidate and develop worldwide our position of principal suppliers of fuel systems and subsystems and other equipment for applications on-board aircraft.

120 Years of History
and aerospace technology

Find out our Commitment to Ethical Business Practices


To fly higher and higher in the world over 100 years of italian aeronautical history.


To improve the company processes to provide innovative and reliable aeronautical systems at a competitive cost, with full satisfaction of our internal and external customers and in continuous partnership with our suppliers.

Quality Policy

To use the business management system for an effective and efficient company management such to guarantee a continuous growth of the company in its reference market. This is obtained with the respect of all contractual commitments assuring otd (on time delivery), otq (on time quality) and otc (on time cost).

Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements for Aeronautical Materials

The requirements specified into document NOR0-051-01 FORM 6 (Mod. FQ 24) are to be considered as an integral part of the purchase order. They supplement and do not replace or void the requirements specifically included in the drawings and/or specifications listed in the purchase order. By sending its order acknowledgement the Supplier certifies that it is aware of and accepts the quality requirements applicable to the supplies ordered by Secondo Mona SpA (SM). The updated and downloadable document on the website has to be account as current issue. Download file pdf

Environmental, health & safety

We are located in a beautiful country area just south of Lake Maggiore and within the Regional Park of Ticino River and, as such, environment, health and safety have always been an issue for us. Besides the compliance to the obligations arising from local and national legislation we have put in place, since 2007 and on a voluntary basis, an Environmental Management System that has been certified in accordance with the standard UNI EN ISO 14001 and is regularly maintained.

ISO-14001 CERT 1949 2007 AE MIL SINCERT 3 20220128 20220128145206
iso 14001

We care for the environment also with regard to product development and production processes: we handle chemicals in accordance with the REACH Regulation 1907/2006 both internally and within our supply chain. Approximately 10% of our energy requirement is produced in-house from renewable sources through solar pannels installed on the roof of our factory and attention is put on the reduction of energy wastes such as water and heat. Health and safety is handled by a designated person in accordance to the national legislation.

Information & Cyber Security

We recognize that ICT systems and information are valuable assets, which are essential in supporting the organization’s strategic objectives and, therefore, we recognize our obligations to protect information from internal and external threats with the management of an Information Security System certified according to ISO 27001:2013.

Ethics and Compliance

The Company has set the goal of ensuring that business growth is always accompanied by a progressive focus on sustainability, improving the efficiency of production processes, seeking more sustainable product development solutions, promoting professional advancement and equal treatment and opportunity among company personnel, and ensuring full compliance with external regulatory requirements and our Code of Ethics.

The adequacy and effectiveness of the Code of Ethics and the Model depend, among other things, on the existence of an effective system for detecting unlawful conduct and violations that allows any transgressions.

Secondo Mona, it has put in place appropriate tools to collect reports, including anonymous ones, coming from inside or outside the company and relating to facts capable of integrating the commission of administrative offences accounting, civil or criminal offences, unlawful conduct pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, violations of the Model organisational model, acts or omissions detrimental to the financial interests of the European Union or concerning the internal market.


Secondo Mona was founded in Somma Lombardo, in the province of Varese, in 1903 on the initiative of the young Secondo, a skilled mechanic. Initially it was a small workshop on the Simplon road for the sale and repair of cycles and motorbikes. Then, with the arrival of the first flight pioneers in the area at Cascina Malpensa and the beginning of the very first aviation activities, Secondo Mona had the opportunity to attend Gianni Caproni and the other pioneers on the first flying fields, lending his mechanical skills to the nascent aviation industry. A story that has never stopped since…



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