Quality Assurance

We operate in a business where product reliability and quality are essential requirements: this has been a long term commitment also to us since the beginning of our activity and participating with reliable supplies of own products to the evolution of the aerospace industry during the last century has earned us a reputation in the worldwide aerospace community.
Our Quality Management System complies with the requirements of the military, civil and third party standards to operate in the business worldwide. Our certifications are regularly maintained though periodic audits from the certification authorities and from our principal customers.


To fly higher and higher in the world over 100 years of italian aeronautical history.


To improve the company processes to provide innovative and reliable aeronautical systems at a competitive cost, with full satisfaction of our internal and external customers  and in continuous partnership with our suppliers.

Quality Policy

To use the business management system for an effective and efficient company management such to guarantee a continuous growth of the company in its reference market. This is obtained with the respect of all contractual commitments assuring otd (on time delivery), otq (on time quality) and otc (on time cost).


Environment, health & safety

We are located in a beautiful country area just south of Lake Maggiore and within the Regional Park of Ticino River and, as such, environment, health and safety have always been an issue for us. Besides the compliance to the obligations arising from local and national legislation we have put in place, since 2007 and on a voluntary basis, an Environmental Management System that has been certified in accordance with the standard UNI EN ISO 14001 and is regularly maintained.
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We care for the environment also with regard to product development and production processes: we handle chemicals in accordance with the REACH Regulation 1907/2006 both internally and within our supply chain. Approximately 10% of our energy requirement is produced in-house from renewable sources through solar pannels installed on the roof of our factory and attention is put on the reduction of energy wastes such as water and heat.
Health and safety is handled by a designated person in accordance to the national legislation and to the Health and Safety Management System standard UNI EN ISO 18001:2007.





Product quality is sustained by specific laboratories provided with state-of-the-art equipment and tools that support the manufacturing process during the whole cycle to guarantee the compliance to technical specifications and their stringent requirements. In-house we have a technological and chemical laboratory, an electrical and electronic laboratory, metrological standard rooms and a non destructive testing department. All have internal certified staff.